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"I bought the Tubby because I like collecting beer glasses.  What I didn't expect was how much I prefer using it for every drink imaginable.  It's now "my glass" and I go for it before all others!"

-M Massey


"The build quality is great and as stated on Kickstarter, the professional packaging is a great touch."

-W Conroy


"These are awesome. Once people hold them in the wild, they will need them!"

-G Schaffer


"Great looking Pint Glass, I backed them on Kickstarter and im glad i did,The Tubby really is the Pint Glass Revolution!!! #whatsinyourtubby CHEERS 🍻"

-P Murphy


"I bought an extra set for a gift but they’re so gorgeous I kinda want to keep them for myself."

-B Krug


"Likin my Tubbies, haven't spilled a drop with em'."

-J Curtis


"The only challenge with The Tubby is finding time to wash it between my 16oz of bliss. OJ, cereal, coffee, water, soup, beer, wine, ice cream, repeat."

T McAndrew