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Is the Tubby Hand Blown Glass?

We wanted to make sure our pint glass is incredibly high quality so we knew we had to make it hand blown.  With anything that is made of hand blown glass, there can be a slight variance.  We love that each Tubby has its own unique characteristics while still being 100% Tubby.


How is the small business start up life?

It’s a dream come true!  We are so psyched to get this business going.  We are still a very small operation and so me  want to make sure to provide unbeatable customer service from the beginning.  Let us know how we can help!  Also, let us know what you think of your Tubby!


What if one of my Tubbies arrives broken?

Let us know!! We want to make sure you have an amazing Tubby experience from the get go.  Just shoot us a message with a photo of that broken Tubby and we’ll send you a new one asap.  We are still tweaking our packaging so every photo will help us get all the kinks out.


Is the Tubby the best pint glass ever?

We certainly think so:-)