The Tubby - The Ultimate 16 oz Pint Glass (One Pack)
The Tubby - The Ultimate 16 oz Pint Glass (One Pack)

The Tubby - The Ultimate 16 oz Pint Glass (One Pack)

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We created the Tubby because regular pint glasses are way too tall and way too skinny.  At first, we knew that the Tubby would be amazing for consuming scoops and scoops of delicious ice cream.  Then we found out that the Tubby is not only good for ice cream, but The Tubby is also great for beer, smoothies, parfaits, cereal, and pretty much anything you can think of.  Do you want to put steamy oatmeal in your Tubby?  Go for it!  The Tubby is made of high borosilicate glass which means it's super durable.  Can you put The Tubby in the oven?  Sure!  Can you throw The Tubby against a brick wall?  Sure, but it is made out of glass and it will break.  We know that you'll love your Tubby because you'll enjoy whatever you're drinking in it more than ever before.  So get your hands on a Tubby and start devouring 16 ounces of anything you want!
  • Ultra Wide Mouth - Short and wide, Tubby Pint Glasses have a great nose and feel great in your hand.
  • Full 16oz Glass - Great for Beer, Cider, or even your favorite Cocktail.
  • Rolled Drinking Rim - Patent pending rolled rim makes sipping more comfortable than ever.
  • Individually Hand Blown - Each glass is unique and handblown, and custom etched with the Tubby Hippo.
  • Great Beer Drinkers Gift - Great looking packaging makes for a fun unboxing experience.